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As usual, I am in a reflective mood on this eve of the new year.  This year has been one of many changes, great and small, almost all for the better for me.  The worst have just been a matter of maintaining what has been before but with a different spin.  I am really loving being a mom, despite the sleep dep and the fact that I never get to eat a hot meal anymore.  Watching my son develop and playing with him has brought joy back into my life on a regular basis.  I will teach him to be the sort of man that is admired and loved. He will learn honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, curiosity and so many practical skills.  Given that the men in my past have largely lacked many of these traits, it is a blessing that I have none in my life currently.  There really has not been a lessening of the contempt I feel for most men that exploded into being a couple years ago.  Every opportunity I have given a man to prove me wrong has just reinforced my feeling that, at least those in my age range, they are useless.  Pampered, spoiled, self centered, selfish, callous wastes of flesh strutting around making the lives of those around them more difficult.  I guess Hunter is the universe's way of making sure that I have the opportunity to make the future a better place, even if only on a small scale.
My private practice has finally started to grow to something like respectable.  With the addition of neurotherapy in the coming year, I have hopes of actually being able to make a living. I really enjoy my career and wish that it were easier for people to be able to afford the help I can offer.  It is unfortunate that even with the clear proof that access to mental health services needs to be expanded, the politicos are taking the wrong path and appear to have their heads so far up their butts that a map and a flashlight would not help.
In addition to continuing my education, I am looking forward to more beekeeping and chicken raising in the new year.  Each hobby has been so rewarding. I am looking forward to the spring when I will have three hives going. I am still unsure of placement and need to make a sweep of the property to destroy wasp nests before it gets warm.  I also need to expand my market for fresh eggs.  I am getting about 35 eggs a day right now and they are beginning to stack up. 
So much to do in the new year. I am starting from a much better place this year then when this year began. Happiness and prosperity are my goals. I will accept nothing less.
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